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Gaining More with Consumer Directed Services

gaining-more-with-consumer-directed-servicesWhen it comes to getting care and assistance, we normally look for someone in the family instead of getting external help. Depending on our situation, we may not have control over who can help us with personal care and other tasks.

If you could choose the care you want, would you grab the chance? Being able to choose who would provide the care you need may sound like wishful thinking, but this is possible. This opportunity is available under Medicaid as long as the patient is eligible for personal care services and capable of hiring their personal caregiver.

The Consumer Directed Services give you access to quality home health care in Ferguson, Missouri while providing you with options on hiring the person yourself.

Take advantage of this offer to enjoy personal care from the people you trust. For example, bathing, personal hygiene, and toileting are private tasks and you should have a say about who you would prefer to get the help from.

Having a stranger at your home requires a huge amount of trust as risks accompany this action. With someone you know—a friend or a relative—you are at peace knowing you are safe.

There is more to know about CDS and Active Angels In Home Health Care, LLC welcomes these conversations.

Choose the home health services agency in Missouri that provides you with solutions to feel good.

Are you looking for skilled nursing in St. Charles, Missouri? Call us to set your schedule.

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