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Protecting Your Seniors from Flu


Flu is a common seasonal virus that causes mild to severe symptoms. While most people typically recover from this infection within a week, others, particularly seniors, are at a higher risk of serious, life-threatening complications.

So how can you protect your seniors from flu? Active Angels In Home Health Care, LLC has your back. We’re here to give you a few tips in keeping your loved one safe. Take a look:

  • Flu vaccine
    Updating vaccine shots aren’t only for children and teens. Adults, especially seniors, should also do it annually.
  • Medicine management
    If your loved ones have prescription medication, make sure they follow their doctor’s suggested doses. You can also ask for help from Home Health Services Agency in Missouri.
  • Avoiding crowded areas
    Through Home Health Care in Ferguson, Missouri, your senior will no longer have to wait in line at clinics. You can just have nurses visit your home for a check-up and other medical needs.
  • Staying informed
    Due to the pandemic, it is important that you stay informed regarding the current updates related to COVID-19. You can consult Skilled Nursing in St. Charles, Missouri if you have concerns regarding your loved one’s safety.

Prevention is always better than cure. Flu is such a common disease, and no one knows when they’re going to get it. What you can do is lower your loved ones’ risk of getting infected by prioritizing their health and wellbeing.

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