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Fall Prevention Practices for Better Safety at Home

fall-prevention-practices-for-better-safety-at-homeFalls and slips are among the most common causes of injuries for senior citizens aging at home. Injuries from falls can result in hospitalizations, life-limiting injuries, disabilities, or worse. We provide Reliable Health Care in Ferguson, Missouri, to help promote safety and security for your elderly loved ones at home, improving fall prevention and other safety procedures. Families can also reduce the risk of falls for their elderly loved ones at home by:

  • Removing Clutter

    Clutter can limit mobility and freedom of motion at home. Families can reduce and address clutter by giving away or selling the belonging their elderly loved ones no longer use, or getting more storage to keep belonging out of sight.

  • Addressing Uneven Walkways*

    Old homes and residences may deal with deterioration and damage, resulting in uneven walkways or surfaces, which become tripping and falling hazards. Common examples include damaged tiles and cracked concrete or cemented walking surfaces.

  • Considering Assistance

    Services like our Home Health Care in Ferguson, Missouri, can assist senior citizens aging at home with mobility and transfers, reducing the risk of falls and other unwanted incidents at home.

  • Keeping the Home Well Lit at All Times

    Another common falling hazard that families should look out for is poor lighting, which can reduce movement and walking confidence, increasing the risk of falls at home. Families can address this by installing night lights and changing light bulbs regularly.

Our home health care services can assist your elderly loved ones at home and keep them safe and comfortable. For more information, you can call Active Angels In Home Health Care, LLC at 314-524-4200. Services you could expect from us include In-Home Health Care, Home Health Aide, and Personal Care in Missouri.

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