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Protein-Rich Diet Best for Seniors

protein-rich-diet-best-for-seniorsOur nutrition needs to change when we enter our senior years in life. Weaker bodies, impaired vision, and other conditions may affect our diet. Preparing nutritious meals becomes a priority to ascertain our health. Unfortunately, independent living gets tough as we age. Cooking our meals becomes a challenge for some. Or worse, eating without assistance from others is impossible. Through a provider of reliable health care in Ferguson, Missouri, diet-based meals are possible; Protein-rich foods are a priority.

Protein is essential for healthy bones and muscles. Are you on bed rest or may not have regular physical activities due to limited mobility? Less to no time for exercise weakens your bone and muscles resulting in an increased risk for fall incidents. Here are some meal ideas that you and a provider of home health care in Ferguson, Missouri, can prepare.

  • Breakfast
    Eggs, a morning staple for some, is a good source of protein. You can also partner eggs with cereals and milk to boost your protein intake. Do you have leftover meat? Take it in small chunks.
  • Lunch
    Try out a sandwich during this time. Put in cheese or ham, tuna or sardines, butter or margarine, and vegetables. You can partner this with fruits that are easy to chew. Or you can request a smoothie from the in-home health care provider.
  • Dinner
    You can serve meat and chicken for dinner. If you love desserts, ice cream is a good option.

Active Angels In Home Health Care, LLC believes that with a proper diet, a senior can make the most of his life despite aging. We provide personal care in Missouri along with other services to make that quality living for the aged a possibility. Do you aspire the same? Reach out.

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